Bridge 47 - Imagine 4.7 : 25-27 mai

The Bridge 47 Network seeks to create the enabling conditions for citizens to assume active roles in shaping the world, as active global citizens. This requires working together, and bringing new audiences on board, as sustainable change can only come about through collaboration.

Bridge 47’s next big global event, Imagine 4.7, is happening on 25-27 May, online. It is the last global event in the framework of the project, and will consist of 8 workshops, 3 keynote speeches, mindfulness and grounding sessions, as well as facilitated networking. We hope there will be a little bit of something for everyone interested in transformative education. From singing for sustainability and the state of research on GCE, to advocacy for SDG Target 4.7. We will also explore citizen engagement methodologies, mindfulness practices, and building meaningful GCE partnerships.

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